Landscape Photography

To landscape photograper Stefan Hefele, photography means something magical. With landscape photography, a long desired dream became true. Now he could show the world the most intimate side of our planet. He captures the fascination of our nature in breathtaking images. Stefan Hefele visits the most beautiful places in the world and tries to capture every landscape with its very own peculiarities, colors and emotions. An exciting composition and mystical lighting scenes mark his work.

Current Projects - Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Finland/Norway


With its monumental mountains Norway is a perfect spot for winter photography. Finland trumps with dreamy winter landscapes covered in ice and snow. As if that was not enough, at nighttime auroras keep dancing up above the beauty.

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Landscape Alps


Bizarre summits surrounded by crystal clear mountain lakes, shining like pearls between the rugged mountains. Below the tree line prevails ideal world. Cows grazing peacefully on picturesque meadows in front of monumental scenery. Nature lovers and mountain enthusiasts will be pleased.

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Landscape Azores


Green and exotic the Azores stand in the middle of the Atlantic. Bizarre craterscapes pass over in dense mountain jungle and end at adventurous viewpoints. A paradise for nature lovers.


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