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As a photographer I try to give my innermost to the outside and put all my heart and soul into a flawless result. Photography means something magical to me. There is much more behind it than just a profession, but fulfills my whole life in addition to my family. Therefore, I dedicate myself photographically only certain topics with which I can absolutely identify.

With landscape photography, I am fulfilling an eternal dream of preserving our breathtaking home, the earth, from its most intimate side, in order to preserve and raise people's awareness of nature. It has quite little to do with the idea many have of going on holiday and taking a few photographs of the surroundings. There is much more behind it: professional preparation, from studying different map material, to the logistical detail work. 
On site, absolute minimalism reigns. Camping for weeks in the trunk of the car is necessary to be as flexible as possible. Long walks with heavy equipment and short, often too hot or too cold nights demand a lot from the body. But the gigantic moments experienced are always beyond all doubt.

The results, which always surprise even me, are a very special reward. Through them and the positive reactions of the people I am driven and may hopefully enjoy the privilege of being one with Mother Nature for a very long time.
My image composition consists mostly of foreground, middle, and background, so that the viewer literally falls into the picture. However, I adapt to the circumstances and do not shy away from photographing with a slightly higher focal length or sometimes with an open aperture. Ultimately, the subject should be worked out as best as possible, without any stylistic restrictions.

A successful image consists of an excellent motif, a special lighting mood, a harmonious image composition and a balanced image processing. The available light is basically responsible for the mood. Mostly it is the early morning hours that wrap landscapes in dreamy light. But the late evening hours also have their own special charm. So it is extremely important to get up very early and to find your way with flashlights through the mostly impassable and strange terrain in absolute darkness before sunrise. You have to cope with that and sometimes also overcome certain fears.

The image processing is together with the camera technique, the subject / lighting mood and the image composition in a balance that I try to create to produce a beautiful photo in my eyes. To tickle out the last of quality, image editing is used and belongs to my photography as dreamlike lighting moods and a high quality equipment.
Architectural photography for me means humane landscape photography. Less exposed to the forces of nature, I also try to harmonize foreground, middle ground and background. The skillful blending of natural light and artificial light holds a special difficulty. In architectural photography, absolute thinking in terms of lines and shapes is necessary. Similar to landscape photography, a harmonious overall work can emerge from a jumble of forms through conscious design. Thus, the early morning - or evening hours offer the best light to set a building in scene.

Photography was not only a hobby for me, which I have made a profession, but rather a profession, which I have made my vocation. It started in 2006 with a professional training as a commercial photographer. There I learned fundamental knowledge in lighting and studio technology. With my mobile studio equipment I photograph now and then also larger advertising campaigns.

Flawless quality requires flawless tools. Since 2017, the Nikon D850 DSLR has been my first choice. With a resolution of over 45 million pixels, fine art prints over 180 cm wide and large format poster ads can be created easily and in medium format quality. But without the right lenses, the best camera would be useless. There I rely on the best lenses from Nikon. A filter program with different polarizing filters, gray filters and gray gradient filters rounds out my technical foundation, especially in landscape photography.

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