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As a photographer, I try to give my insides on the outside and put all my heart and soul into a perfect result. Photography for me means something magical. It is not just a profession to me, more a mission next to my family. Therefore, I dedicate myself photographically only to certain topics with which I can identify completely.

With landscape photography, I fulfill my eternal dream to preserve our beautiful home, mother earth, of her most intimate side in order to sharpen people's awareness of the nature. It has nothing to do, just to go on vacation and take pictures of the area. Behind the scenes it is a lot of professional preparation. From the meticulous study of maps, up to all the logistical details. Locally, there is absolute minimalism. 
Camping several weeks in the trunk of the car or in a tent in the wilderness is necessary in order to be maximally flexible. Long walks with heavy equipment and short, often too hot or too cold nights require a lot from the body. But the experienced gigantic moments are always above reproach.

The results, which surprised even me again and again are a very special reward. I am driven by the results and people´s positive reaction and hope I´m able to enjoy the privilege of being one with Mother Nature as long as possible.
I personally consider myself a wide angle panoramic photographer. I usually compose my images consisting a foreground, middle ground, and background, so that the viewer is literally in the picture. However, I adapt to the conditions and does not hesitate to shoot at a slightly higher focal length or sometimes with an open aperture. Ultimately, the composition should be worked out as good as possible, without any stylistic limitations.

A successful image consists of a great design, a special lighting, a harmonious composition and a balanced photo editing. For the atmosphere, the light is always responsible. Usually the early morning hours wrapping landscapes in dreamy light. But also late evening light has its own special charm. So it is extremely important to get up very early before sunrise in complete darkness to hit the terrain equipped with flashlights through mostly rough and foreign territory. Such circumstances I have to cope with. Sometimes I also have to overcome certain fears.
The image processing is in an equilibrium with the camera technology, the motive, the light and the image composition, i try to manage to produce a beautiful photo. To tease out the very best in quality, image processing is used and heard in my photography just as fantastic atmospheres and delicate preparation.

Photography was not just a hobby for me, that I have made to a profession, but rather a profession, which I have made to a vocation. It started in 2006 with a professional training for commercial photographers. There I learned fundamental knowledge of lighting and studio equipment. With my mobile studio equipment I also shoot larger campaigns.

Impeccable quality requires proper tools. Since 2017 the DSLR Nikon D850 is my first choice. With a resolution of 45 million pixels large fine art prints and large format billboards can be easily created. But without the best lenses the best camera would have no value. A filter program with different polarizing filters, neutral density filters and graduated ND filter complements my technical foundation.

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