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Why do I take photos? And why landscapes?

Photography for me is not just a means to an end – it is like a second mother tongue.

"Photography for me is not just a means to an end – it is like a second mother tongue. It is a language in which I can visually write and express my view of subjects."

Stefan Hefele, born in 1986, works since 2010 as a landscape and architecture photographer. His territory is the most diverse climate zones of our planet. From the tropics to the icy worlds, he wants to bring us closer to people with his emotional and atmospheric images of the sensitive intimacy and unique meaning of nature and to encourage a respectful approach to creation. Light is everything. The search for the perfect light is one of the main features of his works.

Meanwhile, several book projects have been published by Bruckmann and Frederking and Thaler. For example "Alpenwelten" and "Geisterhäuser". Cooperations and author calendars with GEO, his own photo wallpaper collection at KOMAR, a variety of different puzzles at game market leader RAVENSBURGER as well as many other national and international collaborations and distinctions and his passionate love for nature helped him to become one of the leading landscape photographer in Germany.
Stefan Hefele lives with his wife and his two children in Bavarian Swabia and travels from there to the whole World.

My Career

Classical training as a commercial photographer in the renowned studios of Hunger & Simmeth in Konigsbrunn in Germany
Guild Winner in 2009
Jury member at the EPSON International Pano Awards
Several author-calendars at well-known publishers. Including author calendars at GEO
Years of experience as a successful landscape photographer traveling the world as well as in his Bavarian homeland
Years of experience as an architectural and commercial photographer
Author for various magazines and publishers
Several book projects at Bruckmann and Frederking and Thaler

Why do I take pictures of landscapes?

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