Silent Night

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Few countries offer such a diversity of landscapes as the USA. From one of the hottest deserts in the world, to the Rocky Mountains and Cascade Range, to the temperate rainforests and rugged coastlines of the Northwest, and the redwoods a little further south, there is an endless abundance of nature to see in the States. Glittering metropolises round it all out.

The story behind the picture

Deserts are very special landscapes. If you have ever been in the desert, you might know this extraordinary feeling and this unique atmosphere. My photo was taken in the remote Eureka Dunes in Death Valley in the USA. The Eureka Dunes are the highest dunes in this national park and nevertheless hardly visited. Not surprising, because to admire this natural spectacle, you also have to take a very long and arduous journey. The roads are very rough and take a lot of strain on people and means of transport. I was already twice in this dune landscape. The first time it was hot and windy. I can still feel the blazing heat of that summer day, the sand was as hot as hot plates. The second time, on the other hand, it was absolutely windless and calm. When night falls, it becomes cooler and more pleasant. The animals wake up in the sand and you have to take your steps much more carefully. Above me the stars, the wide milky way and light moonlight let me catch a very peculiar atmosphere in the dunes at night. It awakens an almost indescribable feeling so far away from everything. The infinite silence and stillness seemed almost oppressive - but only almost. I felt safe in this endless silence, enjoyed it and wandered through the gentle landscape lost in thought.

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Motif on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper: premium quality with fine white edge

Thanks to white borders, the fine art print gets a wonderful focus: the attention is drawn to the chosen motif. The white border is 1cm wide all around. If, for example, the 60x40cm format is chosen, the outer dimensions of the print are 62x42cm.

Hahnemühle papers are known throughout the industry for their excellent quality.
1cm white margin on each side

Your photo print behind
shiny acrylic glass

Acrylic glass pictures with fixed back wall made of Alu-Dibond have high stability. The timeless design of photos behind glossy acrylic is suitable for presentations of all kinds and meets the highest requirements.
Durable silicone seal
Increased colour brilliance and sharpness of detail
Timeless design

Your motif as a photo print on
Enjoy Alu-Dibond

High-quality branded papers, modern laser exposure and classic chemical photo development. Paired with Aludibond as image carrier and durable UV protective film, you get a timeless design with high durability - always in gallery quality.
Durable UV protection film
Stable image carrier
High detail reproduction

The right
Hanging system

High quality bracket already included in the price

Each picture is supplied with a high-quality holder in the form of a circumferential aluminium rail. This also allows the printed landscape pictures to be combined with gallery rails.

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