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Few countries offer such a diversity of landscapes as the USA. From one of the hottest deserts in the world, to the Rocky Mountains and Cascade Range, to the temperate rainforests and rugged coastlines of the Northwest, and the redwoods a little further south, there is an endless abundance of nature to see in the States. Glittering metropolises round it all out.

The story behind the picture

If I needed a setting for a fantasy film, I would go to the forests of Olympic National Park in the northwest of the USA. Many a fairy tale could have been written could have been written here! I have rarely seen such a pristine and picturesque forest landscape on my expeditions. This national park, which is rather unknown to tourists, is designated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is a World Heritage Site. Some animal and plant species have been able to develop here, which can only be found here in the park. This large area in the hinterland of the Pacific coast overwhelms with a landscape of gnarled, huge trees of different shades of green. The trees are completely overgrown with moss down to every single branch. Fresh forest air envelops you in this incredible setting. I had the ambition to do justice to this unique scenery with a special, preferably unprecedented photo perspective. So I made my image extremely close from the ground. The shamrocks, thanks to the perspective, like big flowers in the foreground, the branches like stretching arms reaching for the sun. The early morning light also made all the shades of green glow impressively. As I stood among the mighty giant trees, breathing in the mossy, earthy forest air, I felt magically connected to nature. I wanted to capture this moment of happiness in my picture and share it with you.

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Motiv auf Hahnemühle Fine Art Papier: Premium-Qualität mit edlem Weißrand

Dank Weißränder erhält der Fine Art Druck einen wunderbaren Fokus: die Aufmerksamkeit wird auf das gewählte Motiv gelenkt. Der Weißrand ist rundum 1cm breit. Wenn z.B. das Format 60x40cm gewählt wird, sind die Außenmaße des Druckes 62x42cm.

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Durable UV protection film
Stable image carrier
High detail reproduction

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Each picture is supplied with a high-quality holder in the form of a circumferential aluminium rail. This also allows the printed landscape pictures to be combined with gallery rails.

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