With which pictures do I conjure up a great atmosphere in my living room?

With which pictures do I conjure up a great atmosphere in my living room?

The Living room is the room in which one spends the majority of one's time at home. the central hub for the family. This is where you meet friends, play with the children or simply lie comfortably on the couch while watching television. All the more reason to furnish this room in an appealing and comfortable way.

With matching pictures, you can create a cosy atmosphere that invites you to linger and relax. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide variety of styles.

It is important that you are enthusiastic about your murals every day. Therefore, when selecting be inspired by things that are familiar to you. are kindHoliday destinations, faraway countries, breathtaking natural scenery, impressive city architecture, fairytale landscapes or spectacular northern lights. With breathtaking landscape motifs in large format, you can relax from everyday stress, dream about your last holiday or already look forward to the next one. Bring your dream destination into your living room, be it in the form of sand dunes, the skyline of Dubai or Rome, an incomparable mountain panorama or a mysterious lost place.

Or you stand up Urban Junglebut unfortunately you don't have a green thumb. Landscape pictures are the ideal alternative here. Rainforests or Forest Dreams bring green flair into the home, are absolutely easy to care for and still hang dewy on the wall even after a holiday trip.

The range here in my shop is huge, you can go on a seemingly endless journey and find your dream image.

What should I consider when choosing images:

If the furniture colours are more upbeat, the murals should either match in colour or create a calming point with more neutral colours. If the furnishing style is rather clean or with calm colours, then it can be more striking motifs on the wall that serve as eye-catchers or statements. You can even try a larger format or an unusual picture backdrop. The overall result should be a harmonious, well thought-out ambience.


You can use your Desired pictures in my shop in different sizes order. Especially in the living room, it is important to pay attention to the right picture size. Depending on the size of the room and the floor plan, individual pictures in a larger format can have a better effect and give the room more expression. Or you can choose two or three smaller pictures for a longer wall, for example, which, when hung next to each other, integrate better into the room's structure. It is important that you leave enough space for the pictures so that they can have an optimal effect.


My landscape pictures have such an impressive effect that you can easily do without larger decorative knick-knacks. Less is more here. It's not for nothing that Clean Chic and a rather minimalist furnishing trend have taken hold.

With the large selection here in the shop you will find exactly your picture for your living room. Create your own personal feel-good ambience. Have fun browsing and choosing!


VisualisationAre you not sure how the picture you have chosen will fit in your living room? Take advantage of our free visualisation offer!

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