Landscape images as an important element in current living trends 2022

Home - a place of relaxation and well-being

My home is my castle - Not only since corona-conditioned home office do we attach great importance to a cosy home. Our own four walls should be a place of relaxation and well-being. We spend more time than ever at home, and the focus on cosy interior design has changed accordingly.

But what's new in terms of current furnishing trends and living ideas? Can my landscape pictures be skilfully integrated?

Let's get cozy - with warm colours!

This year, cosiness will be writ large according to the motto Let's get cozy! Soft fabrics and warm colours dominate the furnishing trends. Thick blankets made of teddy or bouclé are found on sofas and beds. The grey tones of recent years remain, but are complemented by beige and cream tones ranging from rosé and light purple to cappuccino or pastel blue. Besides the soft colours are also dark blue and all imaginable Green tones asked.

Over a sofa in pastel blue fits One of my pictures from the series Lakes or Water. And a sideboard in a matt cappuccino shade looks great with a picturesque image of a Tuscan landscape set the scene.

The current living trend colours are the ideal basis for many of my landscape paintings.


An important component of Housing Culture 2022 runs under "natural and sustainable". For example traditional Craft is very popular. You can find knotted wool carpets, hand-carved furniture or the so-called Viennese wickerwork, a wickerwork art in which rattan strips are used. In this trend, peppy colours can also be combined well with light colours. Wood combine. Rough, untreated woods can also be found here, Cork or even raw Natural stones.

Perfect for this style of living are landscape pictures, which either match the naturalistic style or provide colour and contrasts with more colourful motifs.

Clean Chic

Similarly, this is also where the trendy Clean Chic. It reminds us of the already in the last few years emerging Minimalism. Less is more is the motto here with a few, Simple pieces of furniture and a lot of free space in a clear room structure. This trend also includes furniture collections that are based on geometric shapes target.

With landscape pictures, this matter-of-fact ambience can either be emphasised again or broken up and loosened up with a correspondingly more colourful motif.

Scandinavia meets Japan

The living ambience of Asia comes to the Japandi style to bear. Here, clean lines and sober design are mixed with Scandinavian design. Dark woods from Japan are combined with clear beige tones in a light ambience. If then still one of my photos with Nordic landscape motifs hanging on the wall, the modern lock is perfect.

Mix and match

Mix and match - A wide variety of styles and pieces of furniture come together here. Modern is combined with old, shrill with simple. It's a similar story with the Living in the New Boho. With Boho (Bohemian) applies: What is permitted is what pleases. For outsiders, wildly mixed furniture may just correspond to your idea of beautiful and cosy. With this style, it is often the story behind the furniture that interests you rather than the look or the price. And with my large selection of landscape pictures, you're sure to find the right piece of furniture that will your personal dream home rounds off.

Vintage look

In a similar direction, the Vintage look. Old furnishings find a place here next to modern pieces of furniture. Souvenirs from holiday trips also find their place here as trendy decorative pieces. A picture from the corresponding holiday country is the ideal combination to complete the vintage flair.. Let my pictures take you away to distant lands.

Industrial Chic

In a completely different direction goes the Industrial Chic. Here you live in rooms with Unplastered walls, there are also old metal tubes hanging from the ceiling, there is a lot of Untreated wood or concrete. The style is reminiscent of old factories or workshops. To give this rather cool style with predominantly white and grey colours a cosy feel, it is combined with warm wood, lots of plants and colourful decorative elements. For the right ambience, you have a great choice at Pictures from my of the Lost seriesguaranteed to create a wow effect on your wall.

Furniture design

Interesting opportunities are also offered by Multifunctional or modular furniture. They can be used to Changing living spaces and redesigning them again and again to suit current living needs. The classic room function is broken up, so the kitchen is usually open and merges into the living area or the work area is integrated into the bedroom. There is pull-out, folding or collapsible furniture, free-standing shelves that serve as partitions, or sideboards that can be converted into a workplace. This means that you need less furniture, but still have more possibilities for the flexible room design. And flexible, for example, are also my landscape paintings. With their motifs from the Tuscany, Iceland or the Alps in every room and to every Housing situation. To visually merge the individual living areas, calm colours, plants and a harmonious landscape help to create peace and balance.

Natural Luxury

When researching current living trends, one also comes across the term Natural Luxury. Behind this lies the desire for High quality materialstraditional craftsmanship and simple design. The trend towards sustainability and increased environmental awareness is also visible here. Furniture should be timeless and of high quality and not end up in the bulky waste again in the next season. Luxury here refers to the quality and longevity of the items. away from the throwaway culture à la Fast Furniture.

Also with my landscape pictures the focus is on nature. My paintings provide a relaxed living atmosphere and inspire with motifs that you never look away from. And the premium quality of a Hahnemühle Fine Art paper, a photo print behind glossy acrylic glass or a print on aluminium dibond is sure to outlast many a conventional piece of furniture.

Home meets Office

What we will probably be left with in the near future is the home office and the associated situation of living space and workplace. Home meets Office. There is not always a separate study, often the work area is at the dining table or in the bedroom. All the more important here is a Functional but also appealing work corner. Narrow console tables that integrate the home office into the flat without becoming too dominant are currently popular. If you then furnish this new corner with one of my pictures, you will have a pleasant workspace and at the same time a small Feel-good placeIt's a place where you can work more productively right away.

What is permitted is what pleases

Current living trends range from clear lines like Japandi to a colourful mix of styles à la New Boho to the desire for sustainability. Ultimately, it's your own taste that counts. I would be happy if one of my diverse landscape pictures would find a place in your "Castle".

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