What size should a mural ideally have?

Select the correct image size.

"What size should a mural ideally be?" - I am often asked this question by my customers. And this question is not always easy to answer.

In order for a picture to be shown to its best advantage, several aspects should be taken into account, such as the type and size of the room, the furnishings or even the desired intention of the picture.. Therefore, there is no general rule, but there are a few tips.

There are a few rules of thumb for the size of a mural.

Relationship between wall and artwork

For an empty wall without furniture we recommend a picture height of at least 80 cm. If the ceiling is very high, the picture must be chosen accordingly larger. Smaller pictures would lose themselves here against something.

The Image width is determined by the ratio between the width of the wall and the width of the image. The calculation is helped by the so-called  4/7 rule. (Pictures should occupy 4/7 of the wall width/width of the wall is multiplied by a factor of 0.57).

Simple example: You have a wall with 4 meters. Then your picture should have a width of 2.28 m (4x0.57). Or you hang up 2 pictures, which have a width of 2.28 m including the distance to each other.

Consideration should also be given to the cut of a room. On a very narrow wall, such as at the end of a narrow hallway, a wide picture looks very squat. On a wide picture wall, on the other hand, a narrow picture in portrait format loses its effect.

To wide walls/large surfaces it is better to hang a wall mural in landscape format, whereas on narrow walls Pictures in portrait format are shown to better advantage.

Furniture and wall furniture - perfectly matched

Important when choosing the size of the picture is the relation to the size of the room and also to the style of the furniture. A very small picture might get lost, a too large picture might look cluttered. In addition, wall pictures should also match the interior design in terms of colour.

Would you like a Living room picture about the sofa hang, the picture should take up about 2/3 of the width of the sofa. Well suited here are for example Panoramic images. Since these often have a lower height, the wall design then does not look too dominant.

But you can also several pictures as collage over the couch hang. The distance between the individual pictures should then be between 5 and 15 cm.

If a Image about a piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers hung, it should not be wider than the furniture. Also possible would be a series of several smaller pictures.

Would you like to have a Picture over double bed hang, the picture should have a minimum width of 120 cm.

An Hallway is also well suited for pictures. The best here are several narrow images in equal distances in a row to get a pleasant visual axis and make the hallway appear more spacious. Panoramic pictures are also best suited here.

Pictures in the dining area should be oriented to the size of the table. The larger the table, the larger the picture. But be careful, the larger the picture, the more sparingly should then be the decoration in the dining area.

General rules for hanging pictures.

The Picture center should be about 1.45 m to 1.55 m from the floor ...measured... This corresponds approximately to eye level.

If you have no plan at allIf you don't know how best to hang your picture, you can help yourself with placeholders. You take white paper and carefully attach it to the wall in the size of your picture with adhesive tape. This way you can try out whether you like the place you have chosen for your picture before you drill holes in the wall.

If you want to hang several pictures on one wall, you can lay them out on the floor beforehand and then move them back and forth until you like the arrangement. This facilitates the subsequent hanging immensely.

Image groups look more harmonious if they do not hang too far apart and form a line either at the top or bottom edge.

The background should also be considered. A calm background is optimal. For patterned or very bright walls, a calm passe-partout is recommended.


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