Kingdom of the Alps

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As the largest mountain range in Europe, the Alps rise in an arc of over 1000 km through seven countries. The landscape of the Alps is as varied as the cultures. From picturesque alpine meadows to bizarre rugged rock formations, from rushing waterfalls to lovely turquoise-green mountain lakes. The realm of the mountains is an Eldorado for every adventurer. But nature must be treated with respect. So far, every alpinist has found his master in the mountain world.

The story behind the picture

The Friuli Dolomites are a still largely unexplored area that delights with its bizarre rock formations and diverse nature. The numerous hiking trails through the rock formations of the Friulian Dolomites are mainly reserved for experienced climbers, as there are hardly any ascent aids. Thus the associated nature park is is still rather undeveloped for tourism. Alpine ibexes, chamois, marmots and golden eagles keep to themselves. My ambitious goal was a unique spot, the rock tower above the Val Cimoliana, the landmark of the Frialu Dolomites. Reaching it was like a little adventure. Isolated from civilization (for alpine conditions) we had to climb 1,200 meters. The first thousand meters were quite doable. Step by step with heavy luggage, photo and camping equipment my wife and I went up. The The last section had it however in itself and brought me to my borders. Dangerous loose scree and dense fog instilled huge respect in me. I was a bit afraid to go on. But turning around was not much better. So I decided to do the former and was compensated by a gigantic view in all directions. The passing fog clouds gradually dissipated and nestled around the striking rock just in time for the alpenglow. A photo moment that made time stand still. "Kingdom of the Alps" came to mind. I also felt like a king, gazing in awe at his bizarre kingdom.

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Motif on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper: premium quality with fine white edge

Thanks to white borders, the fine art print gets a wonderful focus: the attention is drawn to the chosen motif. The white border is 1cm wide all around. If, for example, the 60x40cm format is chosen, the outer dimensions of the print are 62x42cm.

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High-quality branded papers, modern laser exposure and classic chemical photo development. Paired with Aludibond as image carrier and durable UV protective film, you get a timeless design with high durability - always in gallery quality.
Durable UV protection film
Stable image carrier
High detail reproduction

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Each picture is supplied with a high-quality holder in the form of a circumferential aluminium rail. This also allows the printed landscape pictures to be combined with gallery rails.

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